Investment consulting

Standard Capital offers investment, financial and management consulting, as well as services to restructure and attract debt and other investment recourses. 

We provide the following investment, financial and management consulting services:

Organization and optimization of financial portfolio of an enterprise.

Mergers and acquisitions

Standard Capital is supporting its clients in consulting on mergers and acquisitions.

Structuring of mergers and acquisitions, choosing defined methods arranging a deal is an important stage in preparation and closing of such transaction. We assist the enterprise in preparation stages for the due diligence process, so that the enterprises has an opportunity to noticeably minimize the negative consequences.

Consulting and CIS market entry support of Russian and western companies

Specialists of Standard Capital can provide different assistance to help develop the business of our clients.

A primary direction is assistance by promoting and expanding the business of western companies, entering CIS markets. Large part in this, plays our informational background and in-depth understanding of business in different branches of economy in different regions of CIS states.